I’ve been a professional rider for many years, and so I’ve had many different teammates. Some made a bigger impact than others. Sharon Laws definitely belongs to the first category.

Although she wasn’t the rider with most victories, or the team leader in the race, she was one of the most dedicated and conscientious teammates I have ever encountered. She was the kind of athlete that always did that extra hour after a training ride, who did efforts until her heart, longs and legs exploded. She was the nicest and most annoying roommate at the same time. Simply, because she was never in the room around training or even racing, because she was swimming, hiking, at the gym, or on the search for lemons, avocado or a jar of tahini! One of our team mechanics nicknamed her “hummingbird”! So, she never bothered me but then she also wasn’t around much for a chat when I was bored! On the other hand, she always had a secret stash of chocolate in her bag to share, and with a cup of coffee she was always in for a good conversation about interesting subjects (and very different from cycling)! Besides every kind of physical activity, Sharon also has an addiction to (healthy) food (sorry Sharon). For example, I will never forget that time she crashed out of the Giro Rosa with a broken collarbone, and the first thing she asked our soigneur while driving to the hospital in the ambulance, was if he took her oranges that she saved for after the race (they were apparently super good Italian blood-oranges…).
Although she is a very driven athlete, Sharon is also very outgoing and spontaneous. Now we are both retired from racing I miss her generous laugh and her “hello!”s.

Sharon discovered cycling on a late age and she was committed to making the most out of the years she had left as a pro. This explains her extreme dedication, but I also know it’s simply part of who she is. She has a very strong character and came back stronger after all the setbacks she encountered during her career. That gives me hope now she is battling cervical cancer.

Sharon is simply one of the most inspiring people I know and an amazing friend, the only way I can thank her for that is to use my skills and design this jersey in her honour.
I can’t think of Sharon not running around with that cotton musette stuffed with veggies, fruit and her Aeropress. Bright, sunny, lemons and rocket salad (rucola). And above all, always moving. That’s Sharon!