I’m happy to present you the Spring Summer 2019 Collection 

Cycling is a fascinating sport. It’s not all about power, training, and numbers. It’s far more about tactics, stories and of course; all that colorful cycling lingo! Whether you’re racing or riding with your friends, the more epic the rides, the more heroic the stories afterwards. 

Exploring the 2019 Spring Summer collection, you’ll see that I’ve used this ‘lingo’ as a design inspiration. It’s impossible to count all the hours of my life I’ve spent in the saddle. So, there are a lot of heroic – and less heroic – stories to tell. Since retiring as a pro bike rider, it doesn’t seem like my bike rides are getting more boring. Quite the opposite: I’ve seized the opportunity for exciting new adventures on my bike, at home and afar. And even more than before, I find myself pedaling squares or attacking the candy section at a gas station, seriously bonked – so often part of an epic ride! In my hometown in the Netherlands, or at some remote place somewhere in Nepal… It doesn’t matter where you are, riding a bike is the best inspiration, just like the people you’re riding along with. As with my two previous collections, I took myself as the main reference. So, just like me, you have to look at the collection with a grin and a sense of humour. Since I never take myself, or the sport of cycling, to seriously…

Pedalling Squares

What’s New?

What I do take very seriously is the technical features and fit of the items. The design process starts in the Netherlands, but production has moved from the Netherlands to Italy. With more possibilities in fabrics and workmanship we’ve stepped up our game. All jerseys are constructed from a combination of three different super-soft and lightweight fabrics. Small but significant details like the reflective waist-band and water-resistant zipped key pocket have been added. Since we got so many positive reviews on the fit of the jerseys, we haven’t changed much on that: they are built for performance and have a perfect professional fit. Our jerseys are always a little bit longer than usual, because nothing is more annoying than a jersey crawling up your belly button. It’s those little details that make a big difference!  

The fit of bib shorts also hasn’t changed. But we have upgraded to a more advanced fabric: Sensitive® Sculpt Light. This is an innovative technical fabric for figure-hugging garments that does not constrain the body but instead, follows its natural lines, enhancing any body shape. Resilient but light, it is designed for maximum comfort with an amazingly soft touch. The chamois has been updated from a CyTech 2 to the CyTech Endurance 2.5 HD, offering a more anatomic fit and improved protection for the pelvic area. Very high density foams are layered under the upper chamois fabric to deliver maximum performance on long distance rides. Not only that, but the bib uppers feature the easiest way to get in and out of the shorts on the market, using a magnetic closure system. Tested all summer long, I can personally promise you that nature breaks won’t be the same ‘problem’ any more!

Just in case? This wind vest is the flagship garment of the collection: improved fit, reduced seams, wind-proof and water-repellent on the front, extremely breathable on the back, and reflective fabric on the shoulders and lower back for optimum visibility. Never leave it at home!

The biggest change is the fact that I will only continue with a women’s collection. My apologies to all men and to the loyal customers who have been so positive about the I R I S men’s collection the past two years. But the changes described above have taken all my time, energy and investment: choices had to be made. For now I will dedicate my time to making the best women’s apparel out there. They simply deserve top of the range and well-thought designs that make them stand out. I don’t rule out a ‘comeback’ with a men’s collection in the future though – and I also don’t mind men still wearing one of these jersey if the sizing works for them!

Iris Slappendel

All Eyes On Me