As clothing gets more advanced, the art of layering also becomes easier. Of course, the way  clothing is layered depends on the temperature, and it’s a little bit of an art form. Too much clothing and you’ll sweat only to have the sweat cool down leaving you basically coated in ice. Too little clothing and…well…ya, you’re cold. Since this winter we dropped a bunch of new winter clothing, here’s a little guide on how each piece can be used. 

For days when you’re questioning why you decided to ride in the first place, roughly 4 degreesC and below, we have made you’re life a little easier with the Deep Winter Bundle. This includes the Evergreen Winter Jacket, the perfect jacket for winter riding. It takes away the need for too many layers, with the quilted front panel, keeping the part of you that hits the wind extra warm. Really all you need under the Evergreen Winter Jacket is our Merino Base Layer. Don’t be fooled by how light it is! This pure wool base layer is absolutely ideal for keeping you warm while not making you sweat. Honestly, this base layer is amazing for alternative winter activities as well, such as running, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing…potentially our most versatile piece since the Sound of Rain jacket. Finally, our Signature Winter Bib Tight keeps your bottom half warm and cozy, while not restricting your legs from doing all the watts. These bib tights are warm plus breathable, and waterproof to boot! Although not part of the Deep Winter Bundle, let’s not forget the proper accessories for winter riding. Remember all the talk about the Merino Base Layer? Well, we also make socks out of that stuff, you’re welcome. Add in the Merino Neck Warmer and Bonk Cap, for a little extra flare, are you’re going to be warm not matter the conditions. Actually, did you know that the best way to stay warm is to cover your head? For this reason the Bonk Cap is a must for riding in the winter. 

When the temp comes up a little bit it’s time to change up the layering system. Our Off Season Bundle is perfect for 12 degreesC and above. We’ve got you covered with the Long Sleeve, Wind Vest, Signature Bib Short, and Bonk Cap. Perfect of Autumn and Spring riding, and even those random warmer days in the winter, our Off Season Long Sleeve Jersey is incredibly soft on the inside while keeping all the wind off you on the outside. When it’s just a little colder and sure to warm up later you throw on the Just In Case vest. It fits perfectly in the pocket when you need to take it off, but adds that extra warmth you need right when you roll out the door. Throw on the Bonk Cap to keep that head warm and you’re all set to go! Add on the Hammer Socks to really round out your whole look. 

Not related to temperature and proper layering, our Off Season Long Sleeve Jersey is absolutely FIERCE paired with our Signature Bib Short II in Blueberry. You are guaranteed to be getting second glances from all the other cyclists you pass on the roads.

The Off Season Bundle turns into a slightly warmer look if you add the Signature Bib Tight. You can even throw on our Merino Base Layer to keep your core warm. Remember, you should keep your knees covered if the temp drops below 12C! 

We hope this cheat sheet helps you with your winter layering! As we’ve already reached nearly the end of January, the Spring is on it’s way, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got coming next! 

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