A new year, a new collection! I’m happy to present you with the result of my brainwaves over the past year. Which I tried to narrow down to a somewhat coherent collection; a very personal collection. 

It’s been a strange, exciting and sometimes difficult year for me. Trying to grow this little brand, trying to stay fit myself, trying to find a work / free-time balance. I’m still adapting to my ‘new’ life: getting used to the life of an entrepreneur and getting rid of the pro-athlete mind-set. I’m still rediscovering different ways of riding my bike – which I really enjoy. At the same time, I have been rediscovering my home grounds. I’ve never spent as much time at home as the previous winter – due to a neck fracture. After living as a ‘bike-nomad’ for so many years, it gave me a really restless feeling at first to stay in the same place for a long time.

The inspiration for this collection has come in many ways. But most of all it is very personal. Being forced to spend a whole winter at home made me appreciate my home grounds again. Long wandering walks through the Dutch fields, my feet in the clay. I also received a very inspiring present from friends; a Japanese dictionary of color combinations. A combination of the two resulted in a collection that has a softer tone then the 2019 collection (but don’t worry, you will find some funky details in there). I would actually say that finding exciting color combinations was the only thrill I had last winter!    

So, am I less restless now? As you can see in how this collection has come together… I’m still wandering in all directions! Which I hope you are cool with, ‘cause I am…

Iris Slappendel