Well, it’s a fact. Most of us aren’t perfect. And that’s cool. 

Femme and Fab is an accessory brand from Copenhagen, created by Anne Lahn. Her creations are an ode to wobbly stomachs, hairy armpits, hanging breasts, uneven breasts, hairy legs, stretch marks and curly pubic hair. It’s inspired by women, for women. 

When I stumbled upon Anne’s designs during a visit in Copenhagen I was immediately attracted by her style and humour. I can totally relate to her ideas and that’s why I’m so excited that she created an ‘imperfect cyclist pin’ for me! 

Time to introduce Anne Lahn and her brand FEMME AND FAB!

FEMME AND FAB started as my bachelor project but is now my solo project to become an independent jewelry designer. The idea to make bodypositive jewelry started when participated in competition themed ‘Celebrating Womenhood’. I created GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS – a pair of earrings with two female silhouettes reaching out for each other which change as you move. Now I just can’t stop. It is now my vision to make jewelry that emphasize and remind the wearer, that she (or he) is absolutely fabulous as she is!!

What’s your biggest motivation?
“I want to make quirky colorful jewelry that makes a difference and make people smile. The best thing is if the jewelry can start a dialogue between to people. And I want to show girls and young women that bodies are so unique and never should be just ‘’perfect’’ or compared to any other body image than their own.”

What is your favourite body part and why?
My favorite body part is my . . . Yesterday, I looked down my body and I saw all my beauty spots from my chest and down my stomach. I think it is my favorite part.

I only know that I love to cycle. I live in Copenhagen and I cycle everywhere. I have memories from my childhood when we were in our summerhouse and watched ‘Tour de France’ with my dad. It was always funny. 

The design process of this pin…
I start with a research on how cyclists look. Then I sketch a lot and select some I like and mix the things I like from the different drawings I made. My process is intuitive and I just sketch a lot, digitally and by hand.