In these uncertain times it’s nice to have something to look forward to. The Holiday season is upon us and you have probably been craving ideas for gifts to buy for your loved ones – or to ask yourself. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have curated a gift guide that meets the needs of today: from happy gloves and customised bike bags to retro coffee machines and warm socks, there is something for everyone’s taste here. These gifts are part style, part comfort and all drenched in optimism.

  1. Book Bicycle landscape For your favourite cycling buddy: a book of the well-structured and extremely cultivated Dutch Landscape in-between the 388 municipalities and without its people. They’ll want to venture out with you as soon as they’re done flipping through! € 55,00 SHOP HERE

  2. Linocut print ‘Breakaway’ You might recognise the artwork from one of our own I R I S casual cycling t-shirts. The original linocut print is designed, carved, and printed by our friend Sue with her own etching press. There is only a limited run of 50 linocut prints available, each one being a mindful little reminder to take a second out of your day to get some vitamin D and breakaway! € 50,00 SHOP HERE

  3. I R I S x FEMME AND FAB Cycling Pin: The Perfectly Imperfect Cycling Pin is designed by our friend and colourful creator Anne Lahn from Copenhagen. We created this pin together as a whimsical & quirky reference to your perfectly imperfect body to make you look even more femme & fab on your bike this winter. € 12,00 SHOP HERE

  4. Custom bag by Traevel Atelier Each custom bag is a one-of-a-kind creation so it’s the ultimate gift for any bike lover. As you might now at we are a big fan of bright colours so we can’t get enough of all the possibilities in size, shape, colour and details you can choose from! MORE INFO

  5. Support a Pro rider Ever envied pro-cyclists for living the bike-life dream? To be honest, many riders are in need of additional support to secure a fair pay. The Cyclists’ Alliance exists to provide holistic support to professional female cyclists during and after their careers. But, they cannot do it without your help. You can join the movement for change by sponsoring a rider and receive an I R I S cycling cap in exchange. (€ 35 / € 60) JOIN HERE

  6. Coppi x Quinda Mug For those bold coffee drinkers who appreciate a good looking mug. This custom designed ‘Coppi Coffee’ makes every sip feel special. Talking about special, it’s a limited edition! € 12,50 SHOP HERE

  7. Moldy Bidon Rotterdam based designer Roel van Eekelen a.k.a. Cranky Club has a thing for molds. These biodegradable bottles already have a moldy look but don’t let that fool you. It’s only a look! € 14,00 SHOP HERE

  8. Loffi Gloves Smile & wave with these happy gloves on. You’ll spread happiness wherever you ride and at the same time stay warm and comfy during the wet & colder seasons. € 39,00 SHOP HERE

  9. HOKA MOKA coffee machines Hoka Moka master and make-up artist Elseline gives old-school coffee makers a sleek upgrade you’ll appreciate every day. We don’t know about you but even for the most disciplined pro cyclists, coffee rides are a must. MORE INFO

  10. I R I S Neck Warmer We like to stay warm and cosy on our bike rides and this Merino Neck warmer is therefore our go-to essential. It not only prevents us from heading back home when we are chilled to the bone but adds a bit of style to our outfits as well. € 24,00 SHOP HERE

  11. Knitwear by Glow & See Handcrafted by social change makers, each item is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who wants to support positive change and loves combining style with safety. Their cold-weather essentials are knitted with a light reflective, high-visibility yarn that makes you glow from day to dusk. £49,99 SHOP HERE

  12. Pin Rock On Glitter edition Our friends at HeyheydeHaas have done it again. Their “🤘could be a rabbit hand sign🤘” is now available in white glitter enamel for that friend who can use some extra bling on their Christmas outfit. € 7,50 ROCK ON

  13. Book To Shake the Sleeping Self An inspiring read for the wanderer in each of us. This adventure novel takes you on a 16-month cycling journey without leaving your house. A great alternative for this year’s staycations! € 14,99 SHOP HERE

  14. Lalola soap These carefully handmade natural blocks of soap are as dreamy as they get. For every mood there is a special flavour to get you up and cycling. No matter the terrain, these beauties will leave your skin moisturized, nourished, and of course, deeply purified. € 4,00 SHOP HERE

  15. Outdoor Wallet Pioneer Carry Being head-to-toe in technical apparel on your bike, it makes sense to carry a wallet that’s designed with the same obsessive attention to detail. We’re geeking out over Pioneer Carry’s minimalist engineering and flat design that fits perfectly in our I R I S cycling jerseys. $ 59,00 SHOP HERE

  16. I R I S Merino Socks Without a pair of warm socks your winter isn’t as good as it should be. These Colourful Merino’s are not only a curling-up-fireside essential but are also winterproof when you go out in chilly temps these darker days ahead. € 19,00 SHOP HERE

  17. And the last one, because you simply can’t go wrong with a gift card! SHOP HERE

Happy holiday season to you all! x the I R I S Team :))