Thank you to everyone who entered our photo competition!

For many of us last year, riding our bikes has been that moment to saviour. A moment of joy, freedom, adventure or calm. Just before Christmas we’ve asked you what riding your bike meant to you in 2020. And we wanted to see your photos in IRIS apparel! 

We received lots of inspiring messages and fun photos. We don’t want to keep this to ourselves, so here’s a small selection:

Riding in 2020 meant realising that when I’m on my bike, I’m not scrolling on my phone.

An escape from the bustling city and a place to find freedom and space in landscapes bigger than myself.

Riding in 2020 means freedom, sleeping out, happiness, fresh air and forgetting the pandemic.

I’ve had a re-education in what cycling means; it means a lot of things, and that’s kind of the point.

It meant being confident enough to do solo rides for the first time and encouraging others to do the same!

It gave me time to practice my MTB skills. I may not be able to go full ‘shred’ mode but watch this space.

I joined a cycling club & made some awesome friends. I truly love cycling after this year! I’m hooked!

Biking is my go-to for a little joy and exuberance in an otherwise crummy year!