The Spring Summer 2021 collection is inspired by the post-ride grocery run and the following feeding frenzy!

Your belly is rumbling from a long ride but you know there is nothing in the cupboards at home that will satisfy your cravings, so you stop at the supermarket to sweep the shelves.

This is definitely the most dangerous time to do some food shopping. Craving sugar, salt, carbohydrates and cold drinks, you load up your basket like you’re shopping for an entire week. Moments later you walk out the shop door with way too much food, jersey pockets overflowing not necessarily with the optimum recovery nutrition but a feeding frenzy that is certainly well deserved!

Is this a recognisable scene for you? When the pandemic hit the globe Iris Slappendel was busy working on the designs for the 2021 Spring / Summer Limited Collection. All over the world people started to panic buy their groceries, running though the supermarkets like they’d just done a long ride on the bike, except they were stocking up on toilet paper instead of crisps and sweets! This style of shopping reminded Iris about the way she goes  ‘shopping’ after a long ride and it inspired the entire seasonal collection!

“It’s now fair to say that although it was – and still is – a pretty frightening situation we are all living in, the world seems to have enough toilet paper for all of us. Personally, I’m happy that inspiration can also come at a time when the world seems to be falling apart, or is it just me that relates every situation to cycling? I hope you all love the new collection and that it will inspire you to ride your bike.”

Iris Slappendel, Founder of I R I S

Enjoy standing out on the roads in the new 2021 Spring / Summer Limited Collection and blending in between the grocery shelves!


P.S. Since a lot of people picked up cycling during ‘lockdown’, expect to see a lot more people running through grocery stores in lycra and helmets from now on. If you encounter them, you’ll know! If you are one of them… no advice needed as you probably won’t be able to think clearly at that point!