For Spring/Summer 2021, we have updated the design of the new Women’s and Men’s cycling Signature Bib Shorts III.

Iris Slappendel, the head designer, knows how to design for performance on the bike. Having spent 12 years racing professionally, Slappendel has tried and tested many bib shorts during her career. But we always want to know more and our bespoke “bib shorts for all booties and bodies workshop” has given us direct feedback from you, our lovely customers, to help us further improve the design for everyBODY. 

Read more about every element of our Signature Bib Shorts III. We love to obsess over every detail to create the best product for you!

The Material

The Signature bib short is constructed using Sensitive® Sculpt, an innovative technical Italian fabric (59% microfibre PA / 41% EA(LYCRA®) that creates the right amount of compression without you feeling constrained enabling you to move freely on the bike and enjoy the ride.

The special construction of the fabric makes it:

  • durable and resistant to the corrosive action of salt and sun creams so you can sweat as much as you like and lather on all the sun cream.
  • has a UPF rating of 50+ means that 97.5% of the sun’s harmful rays are blocked from reaching the skin.
  • ​​allows air to circulate between the fibres making it cooler and more hygienic and allows for quick drying.

We love a mid-ride stop for coffee and cake, but we recommend finding a smooth surface to sit on before the feeding frenzy begins! Rough tarmac, gritty pavement or splintered wood can act like sandpaper to your shorts.

The Chamois

We’ve also reduced the number of panels of the bib short, making the construction almost seamless which creates a flattering silhouette and reduces the number of chaff points. The Signature Bib Shorts have an Elastic Interface® Endurance 2.5 HD women’s and men’s specific chamois that keeps you protected and comfortable all day long.

The gender-specific chamois ensure an anatomic fit supporting either the female or male anatomy while in saddle, with great protection throughout the pelvic tract. Very high-density foams are applied under the top layer to deliver maximum performance on long distance rides. The chamois features Elastic Interface® ECO X-Fifty fabric, with a REPOC construction delivering cooling functions and quick-dry.

The Silicon Grippers

The new silicon print on the underside of the legs of the shorts, keeps the bib shorts perfectly in place all day without squashing or squeezing your thighs, because no one wants sausage legs!

We recommend carefully pulling your bib shorts over the knees, then align the silicon gripper where you want them. From there, you can gently pull the legs of the shorts up your thighs before positioning the chamois. Then just pull up to the waist, pop the straps over your shoulders, ensure the magnetic clasp is securely fastened and you’re ready to go!

The Fit & importance of compression

When measuring, the hip measurement is the most crucial measurement to get right! Measure around the wisest point of your hips and bootie! 

It’s important that our Signature Bib Shorts fit you as snugly as possible to prevent the chamois from shifting about and chafing your bootie and soft tissue. Even the best quality chamois could create saddle sores if it’s not positioned correctly. The compression of the material combined with the right size will guarantee the ultimate comfort all day long.

There is also lots of research on the importance of compression in promoting the body’s natural flow of blood to the muscles which can help with the metabolism of lactic acid and keep your  legs feeling fresher for longer so you can keep on pedalling.
Check out our size guide for more detailed instructions. If you’re still not sure which size is right for you, email us your measurements including your height and weight and we will give you a personalised recommendation on which size to go for!

The Easy-Pee System

Our Women’s Signature Bib Shorts feature a secure magnetic closure system which allows you to easily drop your bib shorts for nature breaks without having to remove any straps or clothing! The discrete magnetic closure allows you to detach the bib shorts and reconnect quickly so that you can pee faster than the guys without having to compromise on comfort.

The Colours

Our Signature Bib Shorts III come in a variety of new block colours; so that you can mix and match them with all of our new and previous season jerseys! 

Women’s Signature Bib Shorts

Men’s Signature Bib Short

There is only a small woven IRIS tag at the rear, so the shorts will remain timeless in your cycling wardrobe.

Olive Signature Bib Shorts
Our Olive Signature Bib Shorts on the bike in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Caring for your Signature Bib Shorts

Our bib shorts are designed for durability to ensure they last as long as possible. Following our recommendations below will ensure that they last even longer.

Wash immediately after use – do not leave wet or sweaty garments in a sealed bag!

If possible, wash separately from other clothes / accessories to avoid friction. 


  • Close zips and turn the garments inside out (seams on the outside) 
  • Use a wash bag 
  • Use a delicate machine cycle (max 30 ° C). 
  • Do not use bleach and / or softeners. Use only a mild liquid detergent.


  • Dry flat or hanging
  • Do not use a tumble dryer 
  • Avoid leaving the clothes to dry in direct sunlight.
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach