The IRIS Community Rocks! Our Bibs for all Booties and bodies workshop was a huge success, thanks to all the women who came to our HQ & their enthusiasm.

A few months ago, we asked you to co-create our next cycling bib short designed for all female booties and bodies. First of all, we were overwhelmed with the positive response. Secondly, we had a super fun and educational workshop. ⁠Please find all your feedback gathered in this infographic below. Now it’s up to us to apply all your feedback in an improved bib short for you!

Big shout out also to everyone who applied to join the workshop, it’s amazing to see how engaged everyone is with our brand. We hope to continue these kinds of initiatives because with your input we can create products that will make your rides even more fun and comfortable. 

Massive thanks to Iris Jönsthövel and Lianca van der Merwe who designed and led the workshop on behalf of IRIS.