Ahh, the power of green foods. Those leafy greens and veggies are energy machines and superheroines (like you all)! 

After sweeping the supermarket shelves this spring for our post-ride feeding frenzy Grocery Run Limited Collection we figured it would be sensible to load up on vitamins and antioxidants with winter looming. Instead of hanging out between the candy and ice-cream shelves, we’ve dived into the countryside to get our hands dirty. The Fall Winter 2021 Eat Your Greens Limited Collection is inspired by colourful veggies and warming spices! 

You might remember your mother telling you to “eat brussels for your muscles” (no? Maybe that was just my Mom!) but surely everyone remembers the cartoon Popeye the Sailor Man gobbling his spinach for its strength-boosting capacity? 

Our new cycling apparel collection will give your muscles the energy and motivation to enjoy riding as the seasons change. We certainly can’t wait for those fresh, crisp, misty mornings and golden rays of autumn sunlight as we pedal through fields of kale and Brussel sprouts 🙂