Katharina Möller is a professional triathlete representing Germany in the National Team.

In 2021, Möller embarked on her first season in the U23 category racing the Sprint and Olympic discipline focussing on the German Bundesliga, Elite European Cups and World Cups.

Möller trains and lives in Freiburg in Breisgau in the southwest of Germany. Despite the perfect training ground and facilities in Freiburg, Möller spends a lot of time travelling to training camps and races. This means she can’t complete a ‘classic’ university education so instead has opted for an online university course in Communication Design.

Möller explains that “Besides triathlon, expressing myself creatively was always my favourite pastime, which is why I chose this course of studies – a mixture of marketing, illustration and communication studies”. 

Perhaps one day we can bring to life Möller’s creativity through her illustrations and designs!

IRIS sat down with Möller to find out a little more!

What are your most memorable triathlon results?

So far I would say my most memorable triathlon result was an 11th place at the Junior World Championships in 2019. The race took place in Lausanne and was part of the Grand Final, which is the Elite World Championship. The course with its steep climbs on the bike and run was brutal and left me wanting more. Since then I definitely know putting myself through pain everyday and racing the best in the world is what I want to do to earn my living.
I do not think I have had the perfect race yet where I have been completely happy with my performance. Always wanting more is something almost every athlete can identify with

Some other results Katharina is proud of include:

  • Junior German Champion 2019
  • 3rd German Bundesliga Saarbrücken 2020
  • 5th Elite European Cup Balikesir 2021

What are your dreams and ambitions in Triathlon?

My biggest dream is to successfully compete at the Olympic Games in triathlon. Well, that’s an announcement. But to be honest, since the beginning of my triathlon love (ripe age of seven years old) I always knew this was my goal. 

There are a lot of stepping stones leading to this goal and certainly a lot of difficulties too.

Speaking more process-oriented, I want to be able to say I have always given it my very best – in training and racing. I hope to be able to inspire others to get into triathlon”.

IRIS was founded by Slappendel, who raced professionally in road cycling for 13 years. Slappendel also had many difficulties to make it and achieve her success in the sport. Slappendel now has the privilege to use IRIS as a vehicle to support and enable the ambitions of young rising sportswomen.

Why did you want to partner with IRIS for your cycling apparel?

The first time I stumbled upon IRIS was while scrolling on Instagram. Right away the beautiful prints and designs stuck with me. Visiting the website and reading about the brand I knew I wanted to work with IRIS. As an athlete I want to partner with brands that have the same values and visions as I do.

IRIS being woman-owned, engaging for equality, producing sustainably while looking good and encouraging more women to get into sports is exactly that. I want to make an impact and show you the beauty of endurance sports!

Why do you think women should give triathlon a try?

There are lots of reasons to try triathlon, if you happen to be a woman: even better ;). What got me into the sport is the versatility and the community. Most training groups and clubs have boys and girls training together, which is awesome. Triathlon is an outdoor sport, but you can still do parts of it indoors, so you won’t ever be bored.

Being a woman, endurance sports helps me to feel balanced in my body. Triathlon has taught me to listen to my body and give it rest when needed. I grew up with the sport battling the same things a lot of teenage girls struggle with: feeling insecure in their bodies, learning to live with a menstruating body and overall developing into a young adult. The sport was always a grounding element for me and a safe place. It might be yours, too!

If you want to find a balance between your busy work life, education or everyday life, give it a try!

IRIS connected with Möller’s proactive attitude to source and manage all her own brand partnerships to facilitate her goal of representing Germany at the Olympic Games. By welcoming Möller onboard, we are also giving her the ability to utilise IRIS’s platform to talk about all things triathlon, the best places to train, the importance of being healthy and body confident in endurance sports as well as triathlon training specific to the female physiology.

Anything else we should know that makes you unique?

Hm, things making me unique? Well, I am a blonde girl, definitely a cat person and always appreciative of a good coffee.

Apart from that I like to fill my apartment with plants, good food and friends. My favourite music artists are Taylor Swift and Lorde (who knew?).

I am a very chatty and smiley person I’d say and known for my love of bucket hats and thrift stores.

Hmmm.. I see a potential Möller x IRIS bucket hat collaboration here?!

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