Royal Winter Ride

It’s moments like this that I realise this is why I love riding my bike so much! My friends and I huddle together sharing a thermos of coffee as the sun breaks through the trees thawing the frost. Our eyes might be sleepy, but there is an energy bubbling between us, excited to venture into the forest before everyone else wakes.

Jamie strolling through the frosted grass, first rays of sunlight. Jamie is wearing the Mirasol Long Sleeve and Signature Winter Tight – Not Black.

Essential for days like these; layering up and having enough snacks packed for all eventualities! Aster is wearing the Himmel Long Sleeve Jersey, Signature Winter Tight, Escape Jacket and Merino Socks & Neckwarmer.

A typical day in the Netherlands, showers come and go.

No matter the weather, Jamie is all smiles. Meanwhile, Aster searches for some blue skies.

Escape Jacket – Sweet Survivor. Water repellent, windproof, breathable and still looking pretty stylish!

The forest slowly warms up.

Aster wears the Himmel Long Sleeve jersey and the Pansy Purple Merino Neckwarmer.

Well, maybe the route wasn’t planned so well… No worries, we can hike a bike for a bit and share some chocolate while we’re at it.

Iris is wearing the Kōyō Winter Jacket and the Signature Winter Bib Tight Light – Not Black.

Chasing Jamie all day!

And when not chasing Jamie, we’re chasing the sun.

Thanks to Maarten de Groot for capturing our ride in the enchanted decor of ‘Kroondomein het Loo’. This Royal Estate is one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands and feels, this day more then ever, very royal!