Deadstock. Brought back to life.

Have you ever heard of deadstock fabric? It’s the final scraps of left-over fabric that larger companies don’t need, either because they’ve overestimated their needs or they are cut-offs from the product they created. Essentially, it’s the material that is surplus to requirement. This often means that deadstock material ends up in landfills. 

And that’s a real shame, as these are perfect pieces of virgin fabric. Instead of wasting resources and craftsmanship we revamp these fabrics into a limited edition capsule collection. 

What can you expect from IRIS items made from deadstock?

All fabrics we use for this limited edition capsule collection are certified and made in Europe.

You can rely on the same high levels of performance and comfort as you’ve come to expect from all IRIS products.

Working with whatever materials you can find sparks our creativity and enables us to design small batches of experimental, fun and unique products. Exactly what we love to do most! 


Each piece is created in very limited numbers, so if you’re looking for that original item with a very small footprint, act quickly because once they sell out that’s it, they’re gone! 

We began our ‘Revamp’ collection with thermal arm warmers this spring and our new additions to the Revamp collection include 

  • the ‘Escape technical t-shirt’, of which we have 30 items available. 
  • in collaboration with Traevel Atelier we have launched a small collection of bar bags handmade from recycled materials. 

Our principle at IRIS, is use what you have, repair what is broken, recycle what is end of use BEFORE thinking of buying something new.

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