SUPER FUTURE FEMALES: I’m Out For a Ride Casual t-shirt

“I’m Out For A Ride” is our latest limited edition neutral fit, 100% cotton casual T-shirt in the Super Future Females Collection, illustrated by Gloria Ciceri. The design is a nice reminder to make time for riding our bikes and most importantly to use bike riding time as a way to make and meet wonderful people.


Let’s face it, our best times on the bike often involve group rides with friends. Cycling is unique, in that you can socialise pre, during and post a ride, bonding over shredding a new trail, discovering a new view, or finding that perfect crumbly pastry and coffee stop. Cycling is for everyone, so don’t forget to encourage your friends out on a ride this weekend!


Our design is illustrated by Gloria Ciceri.  Gloria is an Italian Motion Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Berlin. She is passionate about 2D-flat and colourful design, bicycle rides and coffee – a perfect partner for our latest limited edition Super Future Female collaboration!


Proceeds donated to The Cyclists’ Alliance


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Our new edition to the Super Future Females Collection is illustrated by Gloria Ciceri.


Gloria explains her inspiration behind the design:

“We want to be kind to other cyclists, we want to be inclusive. We don’t care which size the riders have, what’s the colour of their skin or where they come from. We want to inspire new people. We want to be and stay positive and showing how much we’re passionate about cycling: a hobby that allows us to meet new incredible people, that keeps us connected to Mother Earth. We want to wish other human beings to feel the same: to feel that spark of energy that we feel every time we ride our two-wheels, to share memorable rides with new bike lovers, to just be ourselves”.


Gloria’s work can be found on her website, Instagram, Dribble and Pinterest.


Proceeds donated to The Cyclists’ Alliance.

5 euros from each sale will be donated to The Cyclists’ Alliance.

The Cyclists’ Alliance is an independent labour union for female professional cyclists. Their work safeguards and protects the athletes’ rights and strives for fairness in cycling.

To date, our Super Future Female Collection has raised over €2,000 for The Cyclists’ Alliance.


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100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton tee. Neutral fit.



Loose fit; so if you prefer a tighter fit we advise you to size down.




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