“My mission is to bring together performance, innovation and contemporary fashion. And I will give everything I have to design the perfect garment or accessory.”



There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned, old school or, let’s put it nicely, ‘classic’ cycling. But in my imagination, cycling could be so much more exciting, cool and innovative. So, let’s forget about the old boys’ network who are keeping cycling the same old and focus on the future: women’s cycling!
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(Covid-19) Micro-adventures!

The coronavirus caused border closures, social distancing, and self-isolation. But that shouldn’t prevent you from taking up adventures!
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An ode to Mom

I was raised between textile shreds and lumps of clay. From clothing to furniture, almost everything at my parents’ house is handmade. I could always find my mother in her ‘hobby-room’ behind the sewing machine or modelling clay sculptures. In fact, she’s still there.
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