“My mission is to bring together performance, innovation and contemporary fashion. And I will give everything I have to design the perfect garment or accessory.”


Grocery Run

You’ve done a long ride, are almost home and on the verge of hitting the wall, but you need to stop for a minute at the grocery store! Definitely the most dangerous time to do some food shopping. Craving sugar, salt, carbohydrates and cold drinks, you load up your basket like you’re shopping for an orphanage that’s organizing a birthday party. Minutes later you walk out the shop door with way too much, and not necessarily the optimum recovery nutrition...
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Superheroine cycling to the rescue!

The Super future Females project continues! The fun and positive vibe around this project doesn’t only support the women’s peloton, it also connects us with female, bike enthusiastic artists. For our latest collaboration, meet illustrator Pip Claffey!
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Story of a Saddle Bum

At age 5 I was a Barbie Racer. A vision in pink, legs going like pistons as I drifted around the corners on my stabilisers. Michal Guerra eat your heart out. 20 years later, I started commuting 36km a day. In between, nothing.
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