“My mission is to bring together performance, innovation and contemporary fashion. And I will give everything I have to design the perfect garment or accessory.”


An ode to Mom

I was raised between textile shreds and lumps of clay. From clothing to furniture, almost everything at my parents’ house is handmade. I could always find my mother in her ‘hobby-room’ behind the sewing machine or modelling clay sculptures. In fact, she’s still there.
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Favorite #Ridesolo Routes

Saying farewell to group rides does not mean you have to say goodbye to peace of mind. Avoiding people is something different. Living in a pretty dense area, it’s a challenge to find quiet roads. But I think I’ve managed to create some ‘backroad’ routes. I would also advise you to take advantage of these lovely spring evenings and carefully choose the time to hop on the bike!
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KAMU x I R I S Kit

You may have noticed we love to collaborate! Especially with like-minded artists, designers, other cycling brands, or in this case; an entrepreneur with coffee-making-skills and a big love for ‘the bike’. Besides developing our own collections,…
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