“I R I S empowers you to ride your bike with colourful confidence through our bold and unique designs. Our designs enable you to stand out and break away from the conformity of the current sport to express your individuality with confidence giving you the power to transform your ride.
Our mission is to bring together performance, innovation and contemporary fashion. We obsess the design to create the perfect garment or accessory.”


Behind the creation of the REVAMP Collection

One of the challenges of being a small independent brand is production volumes. You’ve been working on a nice design, developed a new item and made your prototypes. Proudly present it to a manufacturer and then BOOM… You have to make at least 300 items or more because of ‘minimum order quantities’. MOQ is probably my most hated abbreviation. Every time it pops up in an email my heart sinks to my cycling shoes.
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Traevel Atelier x IRIS

We’ve partnered with Traevel Atelier to bring you an ultra-limited run of bar bags! The Revamp bar bag is the perfect cockpit setup for adventurous day trips on pavement, gravel, or dirt!
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Pee Revolution

It all started about 2.5 years ago when I wanted to buy a padded bike shorts in a large local bike store. The saleswoman gave me the model with which most women are satisfied: thick padding, no straps, tight elastic waist and leg. I asked the saleswoman how I would clean the padding if something should go wrong during my period. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said that no one had ever asked that before.
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