“My mission is to bring together performance, innovation and contemporary fashion. And I will give everything I have to design the perfect garment or accessory.”


Winterspring is in the air

I know it’s easier when you do it more often. Preparing the bike, watching the weather report, choosing your outfit, looking out the window for hints. Trying to decide, wether this is going to be a winterday or a springday.
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Keep your balance, don’t fear, just go

Quinda's preparation for the Atlas Mountain Race. "I’ve just sent my application in for the Atlas Mountain Race, my first ultra, and I’m so excited at the chance to participate in such an event".
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The Art Of Layering

As clothing gets more advanced, the art of layering also becomes easier. Of course, the way clothing is layered depends on the temperature, and it’s a little bit of an art form.
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