Responsible choices to reduce environmental impact & benefit our community
I R I S - I Ride In Style is on a journey towards a more sustainable future. Our aim is progress, to continuously learn and iterate and our promise is transparency.

Product Design

IRIS actively makes choices to reduce the impact on the environment by designing with durability and reuse in mind to extend the longevity of the product.

  • Our limited collections ensure no overproduction, with every item finding a special owner (including returns).
  • Each new collection can be mixed and matched with previous collections to ensure no item becomes redundant and you can wear it season after season.
  • We design for ease for repair, and offer a lifetime repair guarantee on all IRIS products. We collect repair data to improve our future product design.
  • We actively source leftover deadstock material for our Revamp Collection to prevent the extraction of raw materials.


Materials & Manufacturers

The suppliers we work with are committed to good working conditions and using responsible, certified materials to ensure high quality performance in all IRIS products.

  • All IRIS products use certified materials made in Europe:
    OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, a process that certifies sustainability and safety standards in raw fabrics.
  • BLUESIGN certified fabrics. BLUESIGN traces each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product.

Check out our Revamp Range made from deadstock materials:

Working with scraps and left-over materials sparks our creativity and enables us to design small batches of experimental, fun and unique products. Exactly what we love to do most!

Explore our Revamp collection


Packaging & Distribution

  • All customer shipments arrive in 100% recycled paper envelopes or recyclable boxes. Since January 2022 we have replaced all poly bags (the plastic that protect clothing in transit) with a paper alternative.
  • We deliver as many packages as possible by bicycle.

Community Impact

Cycling is a sport of rules, and our Founder, Iris Slappendel is a force of nature, breaking all the rules to strive for fairness in cycling. IRIS is committed to creating long-term sustainable change from grassroots through to professional cycling.

  • To build a more inclusive sport, IRIS supports its brand ambassadors who are discerning members of their community to create hyper-targeted impact at a local level. Check out The School of Rocks powered by IRIS and The Cyclits Cycling Collective who recently bikepacked to Paris for the start of The Tour de France Femmes.
  • Our Founder also co-founded and acts as Executive Director of The Cyclists’ Alliance; an independent union for professional female cyclists that provides holistic support for riders and campaigns for change from minimum salaries to equal media coverage to improve working conditions and create role-models to inspire the next generation
  • Our Super Future Females project demonstrates that creating change is always top of the agenda with proceeds donated to non-profits.
  • Each year we select causes close to our community’s heart.
    • We collaborated with the LIFE Lynx project through our GravGrav Escape Technical T-shirt to help raise awareness about the Dinaric lynx population, which is facing extinction. Read more here.
    • We worked with Pride and Sports; a platform for LGBTIQ+ in sport in the Netherlands. IRIS collaborated with Pride and Sports because IRIS believes it is important that you can be yourself everywhere and at all times and through our bold and colourful designs we enable every cyclist to express their individuality whilst they ride in style. Check out the Pedal for Pride Collection.