Grocery Run

Your belly is rumbling from a long ride but you know there is nothing in the cupboards at home that will satisfy your cravings, so you stop at the supermarket to sweep the shelves.

This is definitely the most dangerous time to do some food shopping. Craving sugar, salt, carbohydrates and cold drinks, you load up your basket like you’re shopping for an entire week. Moments later you walk out the shop door with way too much food, jersey pockets overflowing not necessarily with the optimum recovery nutrition but a feeding frenzy that is certainly well deserved!

Jamie is wearing the Candy Camo jersey, Olive bib shorts and Kale socks. She also loved the Mango ice lolly.

Els wears the Feeding Frenzy Jersey and cap with the Flyer vest. Ashley wears the Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie jersey with the Chocolate Bib short. The Snack attack musette comes in handy for your grocery run!

Frozen hot chicken fried rice for Els!

Thanks to Jamie, Ashley and Els for running, so natural, through the grocery store. It’s pretty obvious they have done this before, as real cyclists! Thanks, as always, to Maarten de Groot for capturing the feeding frenzy!

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