IRIS ambassadors are discerned members of their community and our product enables them to create tangible change that gets more booties on bikes. They are invested in the betterment of cycling and making the sport a more inclusive and accessible space for everybody.

Does this sound like you? Contact us at info@i-ris.cc


Name: Emma Pooley
Riding Style: Off-road adventures
Fun Fact: Loves oaty snacks (@get_oatside) and launched the The School of Rocks Switzerland.
Location: Zurich, Switzerland


Name: Jill Moffatt
Riding Style: Road Cycling
Fun Fact: Jill rowed at the 2020/1 Tokyo Olympics!
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada


Name: Katharina Möller
Riding Style: Triathlon / Road Cycling
Fun Fact: Katharina dreams of competing at the Olympics for Triathlon and loves a bucket hat!
Location: Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany



Name: Andrea Seiermann
Riding Style: bikepacking the world self-supported
Fun Fact: Andrea is an anaesthetist and her cycling journey started as a bike messenger.
Location: Heidelberg, Germany



Name: Alex Jontschew
Riding Style: Road, Gravel and Track
Fun Fact: Co-Founder of Cyclits Cycling Collectiv and being “remmidemmi”
Location: Cologne, Germany


Name: Eleanor Jaskowska
Riding Style: Queen of Gravel
Fun Fact: El is the founder of The School of Rocks
Location: Bristol, UK


Name: Ruth and Tim Jongste
Riding Style: Road Cycling
Fun Fact: Couples who cycle together stay together
Location: Zeist, the Netherlands